Management of property


Why property management with Korrekt Wonen?

Besides renting out properties to tenants, Korrekt Wonen also manages properties.

From managing one property to more and more residential units, Korrekt Wonen is growing in and outside Rotterdam!

Korrekt Wonen is well aware that your property is important to you. Therefore, landlords are increasingly opting for Korrekt Wonen to manage their property!

What does Korrekt Wonen offer you in the field of property management ?

Financial Management and Administrative Management:
• Annual implementation of the rent increase. ( indexing )
• Ensure continuity of occupation.
• Turn off or act as an intermediary between tenant and landlord.
• Conducting all correspondence necessary for the management
• The 1st point of contact for tenants with problems of any kind.
• Checking the tenant in and out by standard of the inventory (if furnished accommodation is completed).
• Ensuring that the property is rented out as soon as possible and the drafting and signing of the related leases
(whose owner will receive a copy). Rents, as stated in the leases are calculated commissioned and directed by the landlord. Rental takes place under the conditions of Korrekt Wonen.
• Upon termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is liable in case of damage and missing of items, including the costs involved that will be settled with the deposit of the former tenant (note: only if Korrekt Wonen manages the security deposits!).

Repair & Technical Management:
• Enabling trusted third parties* doing repairs in and around the property.

• Custom Made PVC Windows For You. 

• Inspecting and monitoring the work which is performed by third parties.
*With third parties we for example mean: maintenance companies and contractors.

Why choose Korrekt Wonen for managing your property?
• Free advice on managing your property
• The management of your property in good hands .
• Continuous monitoring and control of your property.
• Continuity in the rental of your property .
• Enabling trusted third parties to repairs.

Are you interested in our approach and does it match your expectation?

Please contact us to make an appointment so we can discuss your possibilities.

Cost of our property management services :

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